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Is Dark Chocolate Really Healthy?

The simple answer is, its just not that simple.  Dark chocolate is being touted as the new superfood like Acai berries and pomegranate before it, packed with healthy chemicals like flavonoids and theobromine, this little bean is a disease-killing bullet. The only problem? Cacao on its own is bitter, chalky, nasty stuff.Enter milk, sugar, and [...]

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Hampton Chocolate Factory Is Pleased To Announce It Will Be Sponsoring The Seventh Annual ArtHampton Event In Bridgehampton, NY

ArtHampton 2014 is going to be sweeter than ever with the addition of Hampton Chocolate Factory Luxury Artisan Chocolates. Experience the Hamptons art community and pay homage to the regions century-long tradition as a mecca for the creation and patronage of art while nibbling on Hampton Chocolate Factory luxury chocolates.East Quogue, NY May 14, 2014The [...]

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Hampton Chocolate Factory Sells Out At Tasting Event In East Hampton, NY

Hampton Chocolate Factory Sells Out At Tasting Event In East Hampton, NYThe Hampton Chocolate Factory did a tasting event in East Hampton at the Red Horse Market and sold out of it’s Crispy Peanut Toffee Rocher, and Almonds Dragee with customers eagerly grabbing many of their exotic chocolate bars as well. It was a rainy and chilly Saturday in [...]

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Hampton Chocolate Factory Bonbons, Bonbons & More Bonbons

Recently, we have been offering chocolate taste testing on the North Fork at select vineyards, Clovis, Lenz, Duckwalk and others and the response has been really amazing especially to our bonbons.    Some memorable  responses, "OMG this tastes amazing", "WOW thats good!", "mmmm".  Here's why:Hampton Chocolate Factory artisan bonbons using the finest fresh ingredients and best chocolate [...]

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Hampton Chocolate Factory Story

Trading a Wall Street career for an artisan chocolate company might seem like a risky trade but Evan Gappelberg has a knack for spotting trends. As a stockbroker in the 1990’s he saw the potential of an upstart video gaming company called Take Two Interactive Software and was instrumental in taking it public. Take Two turned into [...]

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